Saturday, February 10, 2007

Project Professional 2007 – Where’s the beef?

In recent months a ton of information is going around on Project Professional 2007. Some of that information is accurate, and some is not. I wanted to set the record straight on a few things.

Don’t let the looks be deceiving:

Although they may look exactly alike, Project Professional 2007 has a ton of improvements over past versions. There is ample information available on the improvements and new features but here is a link for overview:
Also you can look at one of my previous posts:
The image below shows both Project Professional 2003 and 2007

This brings up the next point:

Can I have multiple versions of Project Professional on my Desktop?

The included picture was taken on a Windows XP Professional System with SP2 and I have had no issues running both Project Pro 2003 and Project Pro 2007. I use Project Professional 2003 to connect many Project Server 2003 Solutions. I also use the Project Pro 2007 to connect to several Project Server 2007 Solutions. You cannot use either to cross connect. Here is the compatibility information:

Cross-version compatibility between the server and client products
To determine cross-version compatibility between Project Professional and Project Server versions, refer to the chart below.

This client version Only connects to this server version
Project 2000 ---- Project Central
Project 2002 ----Project Server 2002
Project Professional 2003 ---- Project Server 2003, Project Server 2002
Project Professional 2007 ---- Project Server 2007

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