Wednesday, December 04, 2013

A Microsoft Prediction

I believe Microsoft is on the verge of its biggest era ever. I will go against the grain on the predictions of many people in the technology industry. I say Microsoft will again become the largest technology giant of the 21st century. I believe they will continue to have shortcomings over the next year or two but by Q4 2016 Microsoft will hit an all-time high stock price around $75.00 per share. This will equate to an overall value of over 625 Billion. Why would anyone ever believe this? There are several really good reasons to believe this is possible. The very first one is that Microsoft has a great corporate / enterprise market. Microsoft’s downfall over the last several years has not truly been in that space it has been on the consumer side where Microsoft has fallen short in many areas. Enter the age of Xbox One and Microsoft Windows One. As Microsoft moves to a unified base platform for all its devices it will achieve a new era for all its developers the world over. These developers will make real useful applications and the ones consumers are using for entertainment on this unified platform across devices made not only by Microsoft vendors but also by Microsoft itself. That ability will be beyond Apple and only Googles Android will be able to compete but even then only to a lesser degree. Some of Microsoft’s other technologies will also need to be revamped to attain this goal but the products are already there and Microsoft has the ability to capitalize in some fantastic ways. Imagine Microsoft providing all home based users a family license bundle for Office 365, Xbox Gold, SkyDrive, Skype and SharePoint Online (Family of 5) for $149.00 per year. Sign me up!!!! The potential for Microsoft however is at a pivotal point with lots of real and potential competition. Can they survive, can they flourish? I think so, but only time will tell.

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