Sunday, December 30, 2012

Windows 8 One Man’s Opinion

Microsoft really dropped the ball with Windows 8, the operating system is horrible though fixable. If Microsoft wants to save their company they will buy out StarDock and give away a free subscription to their products with EVERY Windows 8 purchase. The current Windows 8 OS is not only unintuitive but it’s annoying and frustrating for most users.

Although I, along with the rest of the world understands that the future of computers will have touch interface, the implementation in Windows 8 is poor at best. It truly feels like you have two disconnected operating systems in one OS but the really frustrating part is that Microsoft forces you to use both of these to do perform many tasks that before were natural and now are not.

For all of you out there who feel as I do, please go out and grab the ~$38.00 subscription for StarDock and your world will be better by far and fast. I was so displeased with Windows 8 that I was close to uninstalling and reinstalling Windows 7 Ultimate. I have relatives that have brought PC’s back to the store and bought a Windows 7 machine because they were so frustrated with it. After installing Start8 from StarDock however I really like Windows 8. I now truly have the best of both worlds and can get to either how I want, when I want. A great win, win!

For those out there that want some perspective on who I am, I am an Ex Microsoft employee that has always loved Microsoft and their products. I am not an Apple fanboy or an Android or iOS guy. I use a Windows 7.X Phone and I love it, I have many computers and servers in my home, all Microsoft. I use Microsoft Products at work where I am a Consultant for several of their Server based products for the Enterprise.

Steve Ballmer should be forcibly removed from Microsoft for letting this and many other things happen over the past 15 years at Microsoft. As the CEO the buck stops with him and he should be held accountable. Microsoft still has a chance to be the company of the future but MANY, MANY things need to change and that change should begin with new top level leadership.

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