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Issues fixed in Project Server 2007 with SP1

Below is a list of issues fixed in SP1.

Items fixed in Microsoft Office Project Server SP1
Project Professional 2007 and Project Server 2007
1 You may receive multiple false error messages when you try to save a Project 2003 XML file to Project Server 2007.
2 After entering the "percent complete" value for a task, the task finish date is unexpectedly rescheduled into the future. This issue occurs in a plan that is scheduled from finish with a cost and a work resource assigned.
3 You cannot edit an enterprise resource’s name by opening the enterprise resource pool in Project Professional because the field is disabled.
4 You save an existing plan as an Excel file and then try to save the project plan back to the server. When you do this, you may receive the following false error message: "You do not have sufficient permissions to save this project to Project Server. Please contact your server administrator."
5 When using the Assign Resources dialog box, all resources in the dialog box are selected. This condition makes it easy to mistakenly assign all resources to a task or to a group of tasks.
6 If a subproject is open or checked out, and if the same plan is modified in a master plan, the master plan cannot be saved.
7 You cannot see assignments for other shared files when opening a project that shares a resource pool across multiple MPP files and when the other projects are not opened.
8 In Project 2007, you navigate to a Windows SharePoint Services 2.0 Web site list that has an MPP file and then click "Edit in Microsoft Project." When you do this, the file opens as read-only instead of as read-write. Now, a dialog box displays a choice for read-only or for read-write.
9 On the Tools menu, you click Options and then click Calculation. If you select the "Move end of" and "Move start of" options, and if you add actual work to assignments, the task's remaining work value and finish date are changed incorrectly.
10 You create a project using the default calendar settings in the English version of Project and then open the same project in the French version (or in a version that by default has a different calendar). Then, you save the project in the Project 2003 format. When you reopen the project, it may not calculate correctly.
11 When the time-phased data for a resource assignment gets into a "bad" state, the server-side scheduling engine may consume a large amount of CPU processing time. Additionally, this issue prevents previewing or applying updates on projects.
12 If the URL for project workspaces that are created on publish is longer than 100 characters, you may receive the following error: "The Project workspace cannot be provisioned. The site where the project ... "
13 If you save an MPP file with a write reservation password, you cannot open the project again in read-only mode.
14 When opening an XML file in Project 2007 that contains custom fields, you may receive the following error message: "An unexpected error occurred during command execution."
15 In Project Professional, you access the File/Open dialog box and then select the Group By list. When you do this, you may not see all the available fields, and there is no scroll bar to allow you to navigate through the list. A scroll bar has been added to the dialog box to allow you to see all the values.
16 When you use the Project Task Information dialog box to change the resource for an existing assignment, the assignment GUID changes. This causes a problem when trying to access the original assignment GUID, such as when another application updates or modifies assignments.
17 If you create a multiple-day task and then enter zero actual work for the first day, the task is rescheduled as expected. However, if you enter zero actual work on the second day, nothing is recorded, and the task is not rescheduled.
18 Baselines take a very long time to save or are not saved at all. This issue may occur for complex plans, such as plans that have a large number of custom calendars, long elapsed duration tasks, and so on.
19 Using a graphical indicator in a Project Center view, the field may not display the correct value for the Project Summary task.
20 If you are using a remote Local Cache folder, and if you lose network connectivity, a new local cache folder is created. There is no error message. The next time that you open a project from your local cache, the plan is not listed. Now, a message is displayed that tells you about the problem and states that your data will be lost.
21 When you copy data from Excel that includes blank cells and then paste the data into Project, you may see garbled text.
22 When you modify an enterprise resource custom field value for a local resource, save the plan, and then re-open the plan, the field value may revert to the original value.
23 You open a plan from the Project Web Access Project Center in Project Professional and then modify the plan. If Project is closed before the save process reaches 100%, the plan may not correctly be saved again when subsequent modifications are made.
24 If you have a custom field that has a formula, and if you group a view by that custom field, Project may crash.

Project Server 2007 Only

1 Project 2007 does not automatically map resources in a plan to enterprise resources that exist on a server that is running Microsoft Office Project Web Access. When you try to use the "Import Project to Enterprise Wizard" on a plan, the wizard displays all the resources as Keep local
2 When a list of projects is retrieved from a Project Server 2007 database, the list of projects takes longer than expected to be retrieved.
3 When the The timesheet will use standard Overtime and Non-Billable time tracking check box is not selected in the timesheet settings, the row that contains the totals does not appear on the timesheet. "When you try to fill down a value in a cell to the cells that follow in the Status Manager column, the fill-down functionality does not work. This issue occurs when you use one of the following procedures:
· You select multiple cells in the Status Manager column, point to Fill on the Edit menu, and then click Down.
· You select multiple cells in the Status Manager column, and then press CTRL+D. You drag the lower-right corner of a cell to fill the cells that follow in the Status Manager column.
4 When you use the "Export to Excel" function in Project Web Access to export the data from the Resource Availability view or from the Task Center view, the data may not be correctly associated with certain fields. Or, the data may not be exported
5 "The My Tasks view in Microsoft Office Project Web Access does not show the totals for time that a resource adds to tasks."
6 You make a change to an enterprise outline code in the Project Information dialog box in Project 2007 Project Web Access. If you save the project plan, publish the project plan, and then open the Project Information dialog box, the change that you made to the enterprise outline code is not saved.
7 "You close a project and then save the project in Project 2007. Next, you restart Project 2007 and then try to open the project plan. If Detail View is selected, the project plan status is displayed as ""Check in pending."
8 When you create a template in Project 2007, the Status Manager field is automatically saved with your user name. You would expect the Status Manager field in a template to be blank when you create the template.
9 When you clean up the FAC feature, only the FAC UI and Web methods are removed. However, all the code still calls into internal FAC methods and stored procedures. The calls to the FAC stored procedures cause significant performance issues
10 When you drill into a project plan and try to display the Project Summary information from the Project Center, the information may take a long time to be displayed.
11 You cannot link an issue to a task if you have more than 100 tasks.
12 You cannot change the owner of a project plan in Microsoft Office Project Web Access (PWA).
13 You cannot add a work estimate when you are creating a new task in PWA
14 Task IDs are unavailable when you are creating a new task in PWA.
15 Task IDs are unavailable on the My Task view in PWA.
16 You receive the "An unexpected error has occurred" error message when you try to access the PWA homepage.
17 "You have denied the ""Create new Activity or Proposal"" global permission for the Administrator's group. Then, you add a resource to a project team in the Project Center. When you try to save the change, you receive the following error message: You do not have sufficient permissions to view the specified page. Please contact your administrator for permissions to view this page. "
18 In the My Tasks page, items are grouped by project. By default, the maximum number of items to display on a page is 30. When the maximum number of items is reached, paging occurs. You have to switch between the pages to view all the tasks. If a project grouping is collapsed, the page does not refresh to bring tasks from other pages back. Therefore, the page does not display 30 items to the user. This causes tasks that straddle the paging to become orphaned from the project.
19 When a project manager receives a task update, there is no way for the project manager to know what has changed within the specific update. Also, the view in Approvals/Task Updates shows only the current period.
20 Using the local calendar may cause a variance between PWA and Project Professional.
21 "Custom fields in a Project 2007 project appear in the order in which they are created. However, the custom fields are not sorted alphabetically by name. "
22 When you migrate projects from an earlier version of Microsoft Office Project to Project 2007, any enterprise outline code that contains formulas may not behave as expected. Specifically, when you try to change the value of the outline code, the value may not change unless you delete and then re-create the outline code.
23 When you copy and paste an indented task under a different parent task, the indented task does not become a child of the new parent task.
24 "When you try to publish a Project 2007 project in Project Web Access, you may receive the following error message:
· Error summary/areas:
· Reporting message processor failed
· ReportingProjectChangeMessageFailed
· ReportingProjectChangeMessageFailed
· ReportingProjectChangeMessageFailed
· ReportingProjectChangeMessageFailed
· ReportingProjectChangeMessageFailed
· ReportingProjectChangeMessageFailed
· Queue
· GeneralQueueJobFailed
This issue occurs when you create one or more empty tasks in a project."
25 If an enterprise outline code has an incorrect code mask applied to it, incorrect values can be entered into the outline code.
26 "Consider the following scenario. You add both standard and generic enterprise resources to a Microsoft Office Project Server 2007 project. You use a reporting database to track the time that the resources are available and their capacity. However, when you view the reporting database table, only the standard enterprise resources are present in the table. The generic enterprise resources are missing."
27 "When you try to run a Microsoft Visual Basic for Applications (VBA) macro to access each Task object in the ActiveProject object in Microsoft Office Project 2007, you receive the following error message: Run-time error '438': Object doesn't support this property or method. "
28 "When you add multiple values to a lookup table that is used by an outline code, Microsoft Office Project 2007 takes longer than expected to add the new values. In some cases, it may take five to 10 times longer to add the new values. "
29 "When you try to set the baseline for a subtask and then roll up the baselines to a summary task, the summary task displays an incorrect value. "
30 You create an OLAP cube in Project Server 2007. You try to use the "Resource is Active," "Resource is Generic," or "Resource is Team" dimension from the MSP_Portfolio_Analyzer cube. When you do this, no resources are displayed.
31 You open the Resource Information dialog box in Project 2007, click either the Windows account or Details, and then perform any other action. When you do this, Project 2007 crashes.
32 "When you try to open a link in a task to a task in a different project that resides on Project Server, you may receive the following error message: Cannot find specified project. This issue occurs if the project that was linked to was renamed. “
33 When you use the Leveling function on a collection of tasks, the end dates of some tasks are not calculated correctly. Additionally, the end date of these tasks and the of project may be much later than expected
34 After you apply the update KB 940133, the pjclient.cab file is updated. However, only the pjgrid12.ocx file inside the pjclient.cab file is updated. Additionally, the ASP pages that are required for pushing and updating controls on the Project Web Access (PWA) client are not updated.
35 When tasks are being updated in PWA, you cannot open the project in Project 2007 or Project 2007 may stop responding.
36 The server-side scheduling code does not check for assignment work contours values during the scheduling operation.
37 If a project calendar has default start and end times other than 8am and 5pm, certain calculations are incorrect. For example, if you have a task that starts on 9/26 and ends 9/27, and you work 7 hours per day, the total work is 14 hours. If you then enter a new end date as 9/28, the total work is recalculated as 24 hours because Project 2007 assumes that you work 8 hours per day.
38 "When you try to reassign tasks to other team members, you may receive the following error message: The selected task(s) could not be reassigned due to the following reason(s): Access Denied This issue may occur if you are the assignment owner and not the current resource."
39 You create an enterprise template that has enterprise resources. If you create a project from the template, the project does not recognize the resources as enterprise resources. Instead, the resources are listed as local resources.
40 Dataset constraints are too strict for resource custom field values. The same custom field value is returned for each resource per project. However, the key only specifies custom field and this causes duplicate key errors.
41 "When you try to save a light-weight project that has custom task fields and you have a summary task in the project, you may receive the following error message: Failed to enable constraints. One or more rows contain values violating non-null, unique, or foreign-key constraints. "
42 Light-weight projects will not work correctly if the projects have milestone tasks.
43 "When you try to close tasks by using the admin features, you may receive the following error message: The selected Tasks could not be locked because of the following reasons: A required custom field value was not provided."
44 If you have a project level custom field that uses a formula, the custom field does not recalculate for activity and proposal projects.
45 "When you try to save an activity plan after you set value in the second custom field, the activity plan cannot be saved and you may receive the following error message: An error has occurred when saving your project to the server. Please contact your administrator. "
46 If you connect to a server and then edit enterprise formulas, you may destroy the formulas if the client settings use a semicolon.
47 Both actual and scheduled work time-phased assignment data will be inaccurate in the remote database (RDB) and cubes.
48 You enter values into a resource plan but make a mistake. When you save the resource plan, you receive an error. After you fix the incorrect cells and save again, other valid data is lost.
49 You cannot view all potential owners in the Owners list on the Edit Project Properties page. You can only see the users who have the permission to save projects.
50 If any fields are changed in the assignment details page before you submit the task assignment, the change log for Actual works that is imported from timesheet is lost.
51 When you add resources to the team for a proposal, the resource custom field values for the resource are cleared from the view.
52 If a save fails and blocks correlation, you may receive a correlation blocked error on a second save. This is because the Project save function cannot automatically handle CorrelationBlockedExcepitons .
53 When you add some resource custom field values in the Build Resource Plan Team page view, most values do not appear.
54 If you have a language pack installed on a Project server, those users who view PWA custom field data by using the language pack cannot see the data.
55 "When you try to import a timesheet in PWA and there are null values in the assn_work and assn_act_work field in the msp_assignments_saved table, the import fails and you receive the following error message: Error - unknown error - troubleshoot with Windows SharePoint Services."
56 After creating a deliverable and linking it to a task, you may receive the following error message: "An unspecified error has occurred. Error Code: -2146827187"
57 You create a custom field and then set or change the "Calculation for Summary Rows" setting. When you do this, the setting is saved, but it is not read the next time that the Edit Custom Field page is read. Therefore, it is always set to "Use Formula."
58 When you make changes to the Option or Time column on the Daily Backup Schedule page, your changes are not saved.
59 Custom field multi-level value drop-down lists are not displayed correctly in Project Web Access if the values have long descriptions.
60 After you save and publish a resource plan, you may receive the following error message: "The resource plan is no longer checked out to you and your changes will not be saved. Contact the Project Server administrator." This issue occurs because the "Save and Publish" job was not completed before the Web page was refreshed.
61 You create a server-side plan, set a custom duration field value, and then save. When you convert the server-side plan to a project and then try to open it in Project Professional, the value for the custom duration field is not displayed.
62 You create a duration lookup table via the PSI that does not specify the duration format. When users try to launch Project Professional and connect to the server, they may receive a "job has failed" error followed by an error message that states that the enterprise template did not load.
63 If you try to reopen a project soon after closing it, you may receive an error message that states that the project cannot be found or that it may not be completely saved. This issue occurs because the last save job has not yet finished. This error is more likely to occur for projects that are large and have a lot of custom field data.
64 If you create a resource center view and then apply a server-side Cost Rate filter, the value that you enter for the filter is multiplied by 100.
65 You track tasks on an "Hours of work done per period" basis. If the actual work that you enter occurs before the assignment's start date, you cannot use the Assignment Details page to add remaining work. You may also receive the following warning: "New finish date must occur after start date and between 1/1/1984 and 12/31/2049."
66 If you try to create a server-side project with task durations that are longer than 6.6 years, you may receive an error that states that the duration is invalid. The limit has been corrected to 64 years (1/1/1984 - 12/31/2049) to cover all of Project time.
67 When working in the Project Web Access Timesheet view, columns that contain very long project names, task names, and other names expand to be very wide. This condition makes navigating the page very difficult. Now, the column widths stay more constant. As you select cells, the row height automatically expands so that you can see the full text string.
68 If you delete a value from an existing lookup table, you may lose the entire value list.
69 The Active Directory Resource Pool Synchronization feature does not populate the Assignment Owner field. Therefore, resources do not see their task assignments until that field is populated and the assignments are published again.
70 Extended characters may not be displayed correctly in Project Web Access. For example, you have a resource whose name is Sørensen. When the name is displayed in the Timesheet Header on the Timesheet page, the "ø" is replaced with "&#248."
71 Creating a new resource through Project Professional does not set the default assignment owner or timesheet manager. Therefore, the resource cannot assign a status to his or her own assignments in Project Web Access until an administrator sets these properties and republishes the project.
72 When you save a project to the Project Server server, you may receive the following error message: "Project Server encountered a problem with this error code: 42." This issue may be caused by bad data in a field that causes a dependent field calculation to fail. This unexpected data causes an overflow exception that Project Server cannot handle.
73 A user does not see any plans in Project Center. However, the user could previously see plans. This issue occurs because of an incorrect SQL query statement that returns no valid values for the Project Center view.
74 If a Project Server process loses its SQL connection, it may not be able to recover and reconnect. Therefore, the Microsoft Office Project Server Queue Service needs to be manually restarted. Now, the service will restart so that processing can continue.
75 When using the Resource Substitution Wizard, other plans for which resources are also assigned are not found and listed in the wizard. This issue makes it difficult to manage over-allocations for those same resources in other plans.
76 You create a resource plan for the second time during a Project session. You change the booking type setting for a resource from Committed to Proposed. Then, you try to save and publish the resource plan. When you do this, the booking type is not retained.
77 When creating and working with large server-side plans, the system may appear to hang or you may receive a time-out error.
78 When updating tasks via PSI calls, you may see queue jobs blocked, and you may receive SQL database deadlock errors.
79 An enterprise resource is checked out by a system process such as the Active Directory Resource Pool Synchronization, and the resource is not correctly checked back in. When this occurs, the resource does not appear on the Force Check-in Enterprise Objects page. This condition makes it impossible to check in the resource from Project Web Access.
80 You import a WSS task list into a server-side plan in Project Web Access. If you are using a non-standard calendar, Project Web Access may display an error message that resembles the following: "System.Web.Services.Protocols.SoapException: ProjectServerError(s) LastError=ProjectSchedulingEngineException Instructions: Pass this into PSClientError constructor to access all error information."
81 When editing a custom field that has a graphical indicator from the Project Properties page, the edit is not always updated. Additionally, the graphical indicator does not change.
82 When drilling into a Project view for a large or complex project, a long delay occurs, and the project is not displayed. Instead, you may receive the following message: "Project Center cannot access the project(s) you are trying to view. It is most likely that you either don't have permissions to view the project, another user has deleted this project(s) before you were able to view it or that another user is in the process of publishing the project."
83 When you try to use the Build Team feature in Project Web Access, you may receive the following error message: "Unknown Error."


lalli said...

Hi Scott,

I am stuck with an issue in Project server. I have some lookup tables in projetc server, some of which get saved successfully when i update something in the table, but some tables give an error, as follows:

The lookup table could not be saved due to the following reason(s):
An unknown error has occurred.

Can you help me in troubleshooting this.


brianmullen@shaw.ca said...

Where do I find the solution to Project Server 2007 problem #49.

49 You cannot view all potential owners in the Owners list on the Edit Project Properties page. You can only see the users who have the permission to save projects.

We have set project managers with permission to save projects to Project Server 2007 but still they don't show up in the owners list. We have found that you can add the group 'portfolio manager' and then the person appears in the owners list.

How do I explain this to customers? They want to be able to assign project managers after the original plan has been created.