Wednesday, November 22, 2006

VBA Programming For Project – Project Server 2007 (EPM)

VBA Programming for Microsoft Office Project – Versions 98-2007 by Rod Gill and Edited by Gary Chefetz, Dale Howard and Ed Morrison.

As a brief history I will let you know that I do not consider myself a developer although I have been dabbling more and more over the past year or so. I am at the core a Project Manager and IT Architect. Years ago I did a lot of .asp (Old School ASP) applications and worked with ton with html/Flash/CSS. I have spent the past two years learning and working with Visual Studio and SQL Reporting Services.

My main reason for purchasing this book was born of necessity. Although I am very pleased that Project Server now provides a well defined application programming interface (API) called the Project Server Interface or PSI, I also realized in working with it that there are things that the API does not and should not do.

Here is a link to that text from the actual Project 2007 SDK:

As you can see in this reference there are many areas that the PSI is not the developers needed tool. This is where VBA Programming for Project and this book truly shines.

One key item here is not only to understand the limitations of the PSI as I stated above but also as page 4 of the book states, to understand Project and what it can and cannot do.

Although I am only on Module 17 of the book at this time I wanted to strongly urge anyone who uses project and has an aptitude or desire to learn some VBA programming skills to purchase this book. I also urge any Office Developers out there to get this book.

If you are a Project Manager please remember that managing projects and constraints is your primary function. I say that seriously but joking slightly as well. As a PM it helps me to completely understand the tools I use. My understanding of the tools is causing me to become more of a programmer and less of a PM. LOL

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